Painting and playing 40k


Apologies for the lack of posts this week

I am sorry that I have not posted this week.  I have a ton of pictures I have to go through.  I have to take a bunch of pictures, figure out my new list as well as build my castigator.

I will have a segment on the veterans of the long war at the end of this week in addition to having lots of pictures up starting on Sunday.

Thanks for your patience.

At the Michigan GT!!

Hello everyone, so I am playing in the Michigan GT today.  I am bringing the following list:

Space Wolves: Codex (2014) (Company of the Great Wolf Detachment) Selections:

HQ (590pts)

  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader (191pts) 2x Fenrisian Wolf, Fellclaw’s Teeth, Thunderwolf, Runic Armour, Storm Shield, Wolf Claw
  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader (173pts) – Fenrisian Wolf, Thunderwolf, Runic Armour  Power Fist, Storm Shield
  • Wolf Lord (226pts) – 2x Fenrisian Wolf, Krakenbone Sword, Thunderwolf, Runic Armour, Bolt Pistol

Elites (20pts)

  • Servitor (10pts)
  • Servitor (10pts)

Fast Attack (290pts)

  • Drop Pod (35pts)
  • Thunderwolf Cavalry (255pts)
    • Thunderwolf Cavalry – Bolt Pistol, Chainsword
    • 2x Thunderwolf Cavalry – Power Fist, Storm Shield
    • Thunderwolf Cavalry Pack Leader – Bolt Pistol, Power Armour, Storm Shield

Space Marines: Codex (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) Selections:

  • Chapter Tactics White Scars

HQ (360pts)

  • Chaplain (115pts) Melta Bombs, Space Marine Bike
  • Chapter Master (245pts) – Artificer Armor, Bike, Power Fist, The Shield Eternal

Troops (230pts)

  • Scout Squad (115pts)  – Camo Cloaks, Melta bomb, Land Speeder Storm – Heavy Flamer
  • Scout Squad (115pts)  – Camo Cloaks, Melta bomb, Land Speeder Storm – Heavy Flamer

Heavy Support (360pts)

  • Centurion Devastator Squad (260pts) – 3x Grav-cannon, Omniscope
  • Thunderfire Cannon (100pts)

In playtesting it has done very well and I have made many minor tweeks as I go along but I think this is solid.  I might change around 20-30 points of wargear after the GT but that is it.

Well off to play my games, wish me luck.

Hunters of the Sky

Here are my deathwatch fliers.  Once again they don’t have names yet but I will work on them and their fluff eventually(priority is to the models I am going to use soon/paint).  I am pretty happy with how they are looking, however I need to go back and touch up/paint a lot of details.

After this post I am off to the michigan GT, I will post after that about my army, painting, and the event overall. I am super pumped for it and I hope you will wish me luck!!