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Stripping Models

Thanks to Youngwolf7 for the original article that inspired my use of Dawn Power Dissolver

In my experience the stuff is amazing.  When new it will strip plastics completely.  Works just as well on metals only faster.  It is very cost efficient as well.  I purchase each bottle for under three dollars.  I have found that I can get approximately three rounds of use per bottle before it becomes completely useless on plastic.  Here is the sequence I use

Round 1: Plastic(You can do metal at this stage.  I have found it strips within 4 hours)

Round 2:Plastic and Metal

Round 3:Metal with small loose parts(it is hard to see through at this point and you don’t want to lose anything) For this I recommend that the first round be all plastic, second can be a mix and then third is all metal.   I would leave each of the later coats for 24 hours.

I place mine in a glass container surrounded by a plastic bag however anything mostly sealed will work fine as the stuff tends to dry out in the air.

Youngwolf7 said that if you want to conserve it that spraying on works just as well as submerging.  I have found this to be partially true.  I sprayed it on metals and for the most part it worked wonderfully.  However for plastics I found that it is very hard to get complete coverage.  They had to sit for an extra round.  Was indeed much less use however it took a day longer.

For the drop pod(and other large vehicles) I will attempt spreading it by hand, however if you have sensitive skin then I would wear gloves.  I will post the results at a later date.

That’s all for now, let me know if you have any questions


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