Painting and playing 40k

Warriors and Tyranid Primes

So I built my tyranid primes the other day, or rather started too.  I did not finish them in time to get some green stuff on this weekend(I am saving that for during the weekend since it needs to be during relaxing time, otherwise weekly stress gets in the way of quality work).  So I didnt get that part done.   For the lash whips I had some busted up wraiths and I just used the bottoms from them.   I plan to green stuff where they connect, however I will leave the tops metallic.  Kinda give it a cybernetic feel that I think will look very cool.

Completed my warriors with boneswords unit.   I just switched the scything talons around and swapped the hands.  Had to use a jewelers saw to keep the cuts clean.

for the one on the right I don’t know what happened.  I was thinking about final fantasy 7 and when I looked down that was how he was made.

What do ya guys think so far?  I got my ravenors primed so I will probably paint them in the next few days.   I have a tournament to go to on the 15th of august, so I need to get 1500 points assembled, based and painted.   So far I have about 1300 with the last 200 going towards the second warrior unit.  However I might have to change my list up.

Played my first 750 game against Tyranids wiped out everything but his doom of malanti, which proceeded to kill my remaining scoring units and survive 5 instant death wounds to make it so it was a draw.   CURSES


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