Painting and playing 40k

Deathwatch Dark Angel Test model

I painted up my first Deathwatch Dark angel guy today.   I believe he turned out very well.   The sword was my first attempt ever at a semi lightning theme.   I did not have ice blue so I tried to recreate it with two shades of grey.   I think it looks good, especially for a first attempt.   Also here you can see what the model looks like with the bases I made earlier.  A lot is obscured by the robes but still overall bonus it adds is substantial.

Kudos to Sainted Swords for his article on painting black armor.


Let me know if you want a breakdown of how I painted it. I will write down the steps in my next post on this unit as well as pictures of each step.

Started using privateer press primer and I have to say the stuff is amazing.   It gets good coverage, easy to apply, sticks on metals.    I handled some ravenors when I was gluing them to their base and the primer did not chip off(they are next on the painting block).    The only downside I have found so far is that the coat is so smooth that any pieces that were on the sprue have a noticeable mark where you clipped them.   This is why I prefer armory for all plastic models.

Armory has a semi grit like appearance that gives everything a textured appearance.  It is perfect if your main painting style is dry brushing, layering is very easy and it will give a great look.

Drop Pod

This effect was achieved by using armory primer and 3 layers of dry brushing.  My shadow grey was too watery however and that is why there are places where it is solid color.   This is best done with the Citadel Foundation range(Seriously this stuff is great for dry brushing)


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