Painting and playing 40k

Tyranid Paint Scheme

Biggest thing to remember is variety. I remember I had to get 100 guardsmen painted in time for a tournament in a month or two. I was burned out on painting for an entire year. However now everyday I get home I can’t wait to paint(having a dedicated workstation really makes it a lot easier). Because I am looking forward to the next painting project. I need to finish my raveners so I can work on my deathwatch marines. After them I will work on my harpy(harpy might jump the gun a little bit because it has done SO well in every game I have used it.) It keeps me excited.

Here is an example of my tyranids paint scheme(Very much WIP on these guys). The base on the zoanthrope is me trying a much faster style. I like it a lot more. It also takes less than 1/10th the time to paint. I found that I need to get that final layer of black on them and then get a purity seal otherwise they will start to rub off. Luckily the top layer is simply a layer of chaos black with a adepticus grey drybrush. Going to try and get the raveners and zoanthrope done tonight as the amount of moving I have done with them is causing the paint to come off. Need to get them finished and varnished.


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