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Dark Eldar 1850 List

So after two weeks of working on lists I finally decided that I am just going to need to have two differently themed dark eldar armies as I could not get a good synergy trying to get everything into one list. So i decided that the first list was going to be a Duke List, and a Coven List.

Here is the first army that I am working on which is the duke list. After reading his fluff I knew I had to make an army with him in it, here is my first stab at it

1850 Pts – Dark Eldar Roster

Total Roster Cost: 1850

HQ: Duke Sliscus

HQ: Baron Sathonyx

Troops: 20x Kabalite Warriors
Kabalite Warriors Shredder x1 + Splinter Cannon x2
Sybarite agonizer and phantasm grenade launcher

Troops: 10x Kabalite Warriors Blaster + Dark Lance
Raider Flickerfield

Troops: 10x Kabalite Warriors Blaster + Dark Lance
Raider Flickerfield

Troops: 9x hellion with nit champion

Troops:5x Wyches Shardnet & Impaler haywire grenades
Venom Splinter Cannon x2

Troops: 5x Wyches Haywire Grenades Shardnet & Impaler 10
Venom Splinter Cannon x2

Heavy Support: Razorwing Jetfighter Splinter Cannon x1 + Necrotoxin Missile x2 Night Shields Flickerfield

Heavy Support: Voidraven Bomber Night Shields Flickerfield

Heavy Support: Voidraven Bomber Night Shields Flickerfield

Almost everything in the army has the option of deep striking in, all combat drugs get a second chance to get what I want, +1 to going first and 6 scoring units. The baron will go with the large unit of warriors making all their poisoned shots wounding on 3’s. Combined with a approximately 1/3 chance of the unit gaining a pain token from the get go this is a really strong unit. Sure they start on the board however depending on my drug roll I certainly wont leave them out in the open. The dark lances in the raider squad was an iffy choice I know as they will not get to fire much, However I intend to use those units as a bunker down on a objective unit and having that long range firepower will be helpful while they are holding an objective. If it is the 5 objective mission I might start them out of the raider and have them sit on the objective on my side.

The wyches are either to go for some light tank hunting or too tie up a unit like a monstrous creature, that is why they have the shard net because against single targets it really will add to their survivability. Also if they are still alive some late game contesting/claiming while they zoom around in one of the transports(once again assuming they are alive)

Hellions go with the baron and look for something to hunt, sticking to cover as best they can.

Now here is the fun part, the void ravens and the fighter. I am on the fence weather to make space for the missiles or not. The missiles will really mess up some infantry unit on the turn they arrive but the long range anti tank fire power is really impressive. Do I want to spend a turn blowing up infantry when I can be tank hunting. do I already have enough poison?. I will need to play test it in a few games. With my living room turning into a gaming area I hope to get some games in soon.

Let me know what you think


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