Painting and playing 40k

Grotesque project and Hero’s of the deathwatch

So this week I managed to complete stern and Start/Finish Pedro for my deathwatch list. I also began my grotesque creation project. Instead of going for the uniform look from the book, I took the story with the tau empire to heart and decided to make my grotesques from different factions. To this end I went through my collection and anything that started on a 40mm base was fair game. So my first grotesque is based on a broadside. I am showing him here pre green stuff so you can see the kind of stuff that I am going for. I plan to make 1-2 out of tyranid warriors and at least 1 out of a terminator. Sad part is that each will need to be painted individually when the time comes and so it is going to be very time consuming. O well the sacrifices we make.


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