Painting and playing 40k

Isidora Vantor(Coteaz/Celestine), from start to finish.

So I thought it would be fun to get a little wild with my coteaz/celestine conversion, and make it a little unique.  I managed to get his arm bit at Adepticon, and I had a Mordheim sister sitting around so figured why not.

The wings were because in my back story she was captured and experimented on by the Dark Eldar.  The tubes on her back are her life support. They thought it funny to give her a face of porcelin beauty while taking away her ability to make expressions. The flames are because it looks cool and fits with my image of celestine, servo skulls fit with my image of Coteaz.

I am trying to make my inquisitors/ models as modular as possible to cut down on the individual models I need to buy and own.  Since a lot of them are quite expensive it is important. I also took peoples recommendations and repainted the cables to one color. But without further ado:


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