Painting and playing 40k

Dark Eldar

This weeks projects

So a large week coming up. Tournament in two weeks and spring break means a large amount of painting/converting to get done. So some done this week and lots done next week. Without further ado Here is my fifth grotesque, my chronos tank master for SM, my WIP webway portal and scourges. I also finished painting my Maly’s model and she has turned out to be a beast on the tabletop, she really needs two pain tokens to work though.

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Grotesque project continued

Alright so I got really excited the last few days and decided to work on my grots some more. the battle suit has the liquifier fun and the tyranid warrior is the squad leader with either a scissor hand or a venom blade, I have not decided yet, need to read the rules some more. The third one is based on the old metal minotaur. Really simple on that one but hey its just some large primitive life form they found. From a planet whose lava flows form complicated paths with only one entrance and one exit.

My eventual plan is to make a full unit of 10. However I need to find more models to use. I want to try and not duplicate a basis for a model but that might be pushing it.

Grotesque project and Hero’s of the deathwatch

So this week I managed to complete stern and Start/Finish Pedro for my deathwatch list. I also began my grotesque creation project. Instead of going for the uniform look from the book, I took the story with the tau empire to heart and decided to make my grotesques from different factions. To this end I went through my collection and anything that started on a 40mm base was fair game. So my first grotesque is based on a broadside. I am showing him here pre green stuff so you can see the kind of stuff that I am going for. I plan to make 1-2 out of tyranid warriors and at least 1 out of a terminator. Sad part is that each will need to be painted individually when the time comes and so it is going to be very time consuming. O well the sacrifices we make.