Painting and playing 40k

General 40k

Trinkets and Accessories.

Here We can see a few trinkets that I acquired on ebay from. Jesus7 he has a lot of great stuff and does commision work for a reasonable price.  I commissioned a mold from him so I can make as many as I want to.


Display Boards

So I thought I would share my current two display boards.  I will be making two more(a bit one and a small one) in the future and will include step by steps as well as materials for those.

First one was a first attempt and the main board was bought from Tectonic Craft Studios.  The second is just some cork board from Michaels.  This was also my first test with large scale weathering on the building as well as cutting my own roads from plasticard.  I learned a lot and will be putting it to better use on my next one.

Void Shield Generator

So I recently converted up a void shield generator.  It was over all pretty easy.  I used the following parts:


Power Generator


the bottom of a Vengence Weapon Battery

I then placed the power generator on top of the gun base so I could easily spin it around/seperate off for transport. I then just placed it on a regular GW box base and cut to size. It turned out pretty well I think