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At the Michigan GT!!

Hello everyone, so I am playing in the Michigan GT today.  I am bringing the following list:

Space Wolves: Codex (2014) (Company of the Great Wolf Detachment) Selections:

HQ (590pts)

  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader (191pts) 2x Fenrisian Wolf, Fellclaw’s Teeth, Thunderwolf, Runic Armour, Storm Shield, Wolf Claw
  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader (173pts) – Fenrisian Wolf, Thunderwolf, Runic Armour  Power Fist, Storm Shield
  • Wolf Lord (226pts) – 2x Fenrisian Wolf, Krakenbone Sword, Thunderwolf, Runic Armour, Bolt Pistol

Elites (20pts)

  • Servitor (10pts)
  • Servitor (10pts)

Fast Attack (290pts)

  • Drop Pod (35pts)
  • Thunderwolf Cavalry (255pts)
    • Thunderwolf Cavalry – Bolt Pistol, Chainsword
    • 2x Thunderwolf Cavalry – Power Fist, Storm Shield
    • Thunderwolf Cavalry Pack Leader – Bolt Pistol, Power Armour, Storm Shield

Space Marines: Codex (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) Selections:

  • Chapter Tactics White Scars

HQ (360pts)

  • Chaplain (115pts) Melta Bombs, Space Marine Bike
  • Chapter Master (245pts) – Artificer Armor, Bike, Power Fist, The Shield Eternal

Troops (230pts)

  • Scout Squad (115pts)  – Camo Cloaks, Melta bomb, Land Speeder Storm – Heavy Flamer
  • Scout Squad (115pts)  – Camo Cloaks, Melta bomb, Land Speeder Storm – Heavy Flamer

Heavy Support (360pts)

  • Centurion Devastator Squad (260pts) – 3x Grav-cannon, Omniscope
  • Thunderfire Cannon (100pts)

In playtesting it has done very well and I have made many minor tweeks as I go along but I think this is solid.  I might change around 20-30 points of wargear after the GT but that is it.

Well off to play my games, wish me luck.