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Hunters of the Sky

Here are my deathwatch fliers.  Once again they don’t have names yet but I will work on them and their fluff eventually(priority is to the models I am going to use soon/paint).  I am pretty happy with how they are looking, however I need to go back and touch up/paint a lot of details.

After this post I am off to the michigan GT, I will post after that about my army, painting, and the event overall. I am super pumped for it and I hope you will wish me luck!!


Bronte Viperum – Round 1

So here is the first round of my thunder wolf conversions from way back in the day, redone.  I had a lot of fun with them and so decided to continue the theme and add more members to the squad.

So without further ado, here they are in different stages of assembly and then their first paint job(since then stripped and repainted)

Watchcaptain Morvox (Khan)

Here is my Khan counts as in various stages of completion.  I have used that blade on him in 3-4 conversions over the years, it is the halberd from the Lord of tzeench on disc.  Body was from the plastic sternguard kit and the bike is a Recon Bike from forgeworld.  His mount is Deus Ignatius and his Halberd is the Jadinn’Dol.

“Watchcaptain Morvox, once a disciple of Asudai Adon has surpassed his mentor in the strategies of mounted warfare.  Able to guide is soldiers into battle striking from unseen directions or even head on, catching the surprised forces completely un-prepared.”